Travel after 2020, What will tourism look like in our new reality?

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Travel after 2020, What will tourism look like in our new reality?
Type: Report
Year: 2020
Language: English
Country: Multi-country
Travel Trend Report

Euronews Travel is Euronews’ new digital destination targeted to people who travel to discover new places, cultures and encounter new perspectives. 

A variety of research and analysis methods were used in the creation of this Trend Report. The six trends, identified by Globetrender as being the most relevant for 2021 and beyond, were based on in-depth qualitative research, in the context of current STEEP (social, technological, economic, environmental & political) forces.

The six themes were informed by conversations, perspectives and analysis arising from a recent series of virtual debates on the future of travel, hosted by Euronews, against the backdrop of the global pandemic.

The six case studies were based on remote video interviews with key representatives from each of the countries featured: Japan, Bulgaria, South Africa, Scotland, Morocco and India.

Interviews were also conducted with the European Travel Commission and the African Travel & Tourism Association. Other sources consulted included social media analytics, industry data, UNWTO reports, the Ipsos Affluent Survey & the GlobalWebIndex (GWI).