Sustainable Consumption Guide for Policymakers

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Sustainable Consumption Guide for Policymakers
Type: Booklet
Year: 2015
Language: English
Debunking Myths and Outlining Solutions

This Resource Pack has been prepared for public officials and other stakeholders who would like to develop policy based solutions for sustainable consumption (SC). It demonstrates the practical meaning of sustainable consumption and production (SCP) as a policy integration approach, and provides tools to support design and implementation of policies and activities that respond to the context of the Asia-Pacific region. This is done by identifying and discussing some common myths that are obstacles to more effective SC actions and then by recommending potential solutions, mainly from an Asian perspective but also informed by practices in other regions.

The Resource Pack consists of a series of short and concise technical briefs designed to be easily drawn out and used by policymakers. They are each semi-autonomous and not arranged in a sequential manner, so that each can be read independently or interlinked, and in any preferred order.