Roadmap to Net Zero

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Roadmap to Net Zero
Type: Research
Year: 2021
Language: English
Delivering Science-based Targets in the Apparel Sector

The World Resources Institute and the Apparel Impact Institute have published the working paper “Roadmap to Net Zero: Delivering Science-based Targets in the Apparel Sector”. In this roadmap, an estimate of apparel sector emissions was developed to project these emissions to 2030 under a business-as-usual growth scenario, using data from Higg, the Sustainable Apparel Coalition, and Textile Exchange. The roadmap also highlights key assumptions and limitations in the data sources and offers recommendations for improving data over time. It also identifies six interventions to reduce emissions significantly: maximizing material efficiency, scaling more sustainable materials and practices, accelerating the development of innovative materials, maximizing energy efficiency, eliminating coal in manufacturing, and shifting to 100 percent renewable electricity. The target audience for the roadmap is apparel companies and the organizations that are part of the effort to reduce sector emissions.