Making Circular Economy Work for Business and Industry

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Making Circular Economy Work for Business and Industry
Year: 2023
Language: English
Country: Multi-country
Insights: ASEAN Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform Webinar Series

Businesses and industries play a pivotal role in actualizing this transition to a circular economy by developing and providing 'circular' products and services, as well as by innovating in production, distribution, and recovery systems. Without their participation, the circular economy will struggle to gain momentum. As key stakeholders, the perspectives, needs, opportunities, and constraints of industry and business must be considered in shaping policies that enable this transition, addressing technological, financial, and market barriers, and vice versa.

This Brief gathers insights from experts in circular economy from global and ASEAN contexts, industry practitioners, and regional enablers who shared their perspectives and experiences on advancing the circular economy in the ASEAN region.