Make Fashion Circular

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Make Fashion Circular
Type: Reports
Year: 2020
Language: English
Country: China
Outlook for a new textile economy in China

China’s textile and apparel industry plays an important role in the global fashion industry. Its transition to a circular textile and apparel industry is crucial to the future of global circular fashion and will have a profound impact on its course.On the one hand, China is the world’s largest textile and apparel producer and exporter. In 2018, China’s total fiber processing volume accounted for 50% of the world’s total, and China’s textile and apparel export volume accounted for 35% of the global total. On the other hand, China is also one of the largest textiles and apparel consumer markets in the world, and one of the top three markets for many well-known fashion brands and companies. The expanding new middle-class and improving consumer awareness will further unleash the potential of China’s textile and apparel market and drive green consumption.