Linking Poverty Reduction and Green Growth through SCP

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Linking Poverty Reduction and Green Growth through SCP
Year: 2015
Language: English
This second issue is dedicated to the topic of “Linking Poverty Reduction and Green Growth through SCP”, following up on a successful webinar that we hosted in March 2015.

With poverty reduction being the overall objective of the SWITCH-Asia Programme, and 2015 being the European Year of Development, we investigate how the projects funded by SWITCH-Asia approach and contribute to poverty reduction in different contexts and in their own unique ways. In addition to presenting the latest success stories, this issue of the SWITCH-Asia Magazine also discusses the link between green growth and poverty reduction.
As many countries in the region initiate national plans and development strategies for green growth, one of the most discussed issues continues to be how green growth addresses the objective of poverty reduction in Asian developing countries and how it can be made pro-poor. Several articles explain how this can be imple- mented, including through green investment decisions and policy interventions. The content in this issue clearly illustrates that multiple approaches exist to align the objectives for poverty reduction, green growth and SCP. However, further efforts and strategic approaches are still required to up-scale the success of individual best practices.