Co-Creating Sustainable Ways of Living

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Co-Creating Sustainable Ways of Living
Year: 2021
Language: English
Country: Multi-country
24 Stories of On-the-Ground Innovations

Our lifestyles, through the impacts of our day-to-day activities such as eating, moving and commuting, heating and cooling our homes, taking work and care responsibilities, and so on, have become major threats to the sustainability of the environment. We are living beyond our ecological means and experiencing both very serious impacts on biodiversity, on a stable climate, on ecosystems, as well as facing difficult challenges related to vast social inequalities and reduced mental and physical health. While continued economic development and increased urbanisation in many countries are expected, it is imperative to consider how we could shift our current consumption-intensive ways of life into more responsible ones which produce fewer negative impacts. At the same time, people in many societies suffer from instability or insecurity in their ways of living, associated with rapid changes in environmental, economic and societal conditions. We need to continue our efforts to create a society where everyone can meet their needs in more resilient and reliable ways. Given these multidimensional challenges, we need to find and create pathways that enable diverse patterns of living which reduce negative impacts from our everyday lives on the environment and society, and realise more secure and stable means of meeting day-to-day needs.