Checklist for Implementing Green Public Procurement in Bhutan

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Checklist for Implementing Green Public Procurement in Bhutan
Type: Reports
Year: 2017
Language: English
Country: Bhutan
This checklist has been designed to help the Bhutanese public procurers and policymakers get started on purchasing green and sustainable goods, services and works, thereby demonstrating the government’s commitment to sustainable development and Gross National Happiness.

Getting started on green procurement can be challenging, given that public procurement procedures tend tobe formal, arduous, involve coordination among multiple divisions and reporting hierarchies, and budget flexibility is limited. Many procurement procedures are also entrenched in heavy administration procedures that have not been revisited for many years. That said, the Bhutanese government has made considerable advancements in itsprocurement procedure and system, the most recent being the launch of e-procurement which represents a valuable opening for initiating and improving on green procurement, as both processes require a change in mindset coupledwith more streamlined and transparent procedures.

This checklist covers a wide range of macro- and organization-level intelligence that procurers need before starting out. The checklist was first published in 2010 and was authored by Oshani Perera with the aim to help procurers ask the rightquestions of peers, suppliers and end users to ensure that procurement processes are being gradually modernized toencompass value-for-money across the lifecycle. The checklist was also designed to help procurers work with suppliers and stakeholders to design specifications that will serve as triggers for green industrial activity across the domestic economy.