A strategic approach to EU agricultural research & innovation

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A strategic approach to EU agricultural research & innovation
Year: 2016
Language: English
Final Paper

Research is expected to address immediate problems while at the same time anticipating future needs. Today’s research will guide tomorrow’s solutions and approaches in farming and forestry. Incorporating research and innovation activities into a long-term strategy will make it easier to identify strategic areas of short-, medium- and long-term interest, and thereby improve their overall consistency, sequencing and impact. By laying down strategic priorities for agricultural and forestry research in the EU it will be possible to reinforce synergies with Member States and non-EU research programmes.

The strategy aims to harness EU investments in the Framework Programme for Research and Innovation in view of the following main objectives: ensure food security in the long term; address the environmental sustainability and resilience of competitive land-based primary production for food and non-food systems; and boost the sustainable growth of rural territories. In addition, the strategy seeks to improve the delivery of research results for policy use.