A framework for shaping sustainable lifestyles

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A framework for shaping sustainable lifestyles
Type: Report
Year: 2016
Language: English
Determinants and Strategies

People make hundreds of thousands of decisions during the course of their lives. For the lucky among us, those decisions will vary widely. No matter how we choose, the lifestyles we end up living – or, in some cases, are forced to live – have a profound impact on our planet, affecting everything from how our economies run to the health of our environment. How we choose to live as a society and as individuals – what houses we choose and build, what food we eat and grow, how we spend our spare time, and what type of transport we use – will have an enormous impact on the trajectory of human history. This publication will help policymakers, individuals and other stakeholders understand what a holistic approach to lifestyle means and how different contexts require different lifestyle solutions. This publication does not set out to define what "the" sustainable lifestyle looks like. Instead, it can help guide a range of initiatives that enable lifestyle choices that contribute to sustainability.