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Enhancing Environmental Performance in Key Sri Lankan Export Sectors

The Challenge

Poor environmental performance amongst enterprises in key Sri Lankan export sectors hamper busines across the value chain. Entrepeneurs lack awareness, technical know-how and cost effective solutions for sustainable production patterns. The poor environmental performance is due to the lack of environmental performance data and weak enforcement of environmental laws.

The Objectives

The project sought to reduce the negative environmental impact of major polluting export sectors in Sri Lanka across the industry value chains through the introduction of sustainable production practices and technologies.

The Way Forward

  • Framework for data gathering of industry data developed;
  • Awareness creation of sustainable production amongst industry staff across Sri Lanka;
  • 250 enterprises involved in project through completion of baseline survey;
  • Mapping of value chains and bench-mark studies concluded;
  • Draft sector wide analysis of ceramics sector completed;
  • Training for company staff as part of a sustainable action plan for each enterprise;
  • Action plans for target sectors progressed;
  • Awareness of project amongst waste management companies, commitment from waste management companies towards waste management network.
3/2009 – 9/2011
Total Budget:
EUR 1,588,538 (EU Contribution: 80%)
Contact Detail:


Dr. A. Mubarak

[email protected]

P.O. Box 787,

Colombo, Sri Lanka

Lead Partners

Industrial Technology Institute (ITI), Sri Lanka


IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute Ltd, Sweden

IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute Ltd, Sweden

Megaskills Research Company Ltd, UK Fraunhofer Institute IFF, Germany