Vision 2030 for a Green Building Code in Pakistan

Vision 2030 for a Green Building Code in Pakistan
Year: 2022
Language: English

The SWITCH-Asia  SCP Facility fosters dynamic and evolving exchange through online and offline platforms with the intent to connect key experts, entities and stakeholders, who share an interest for impactful actions to further enable sustainable housing, a top priority for Asian countries, through relevant responsible consumption and production patterns. Such platforms should enable participants to discuss ideas and lessons learnt and consequently, to identify and develop joint actions. In this context, the assignment Promoting SCP implementation in Pakistan including around Pakistan’s National Action Plan on SDG 12 (‘Green Buildings Code’) aims to promote efficient resource use in the building sector of Pakistan by executing some of the aspects of Pakistan’s National Action Plan on SDG 12, thereby contributing to the development and operationalisation of Pakistan’s Green Building Code (GBC).  

This culminating report specifically aims to finalise the recommendations for the thematic scope, priorities, and related national actions for the implementation of the GBC in the context of a vision for a fully implemented Code in 2030. It further summarises and integrates the gap analysis and recommendations from the stakeholder consultations and workshop carried out during the assignment, and presents the process and institutional set-up of a GBC in order to better inform policy makers and administrators as well as other key stakeholders.