Training Manual: Technology for Circular Economy

Training Manual: Technology for Circular Economy
Year: 2021
Language: English

The Training Manual on Technology for Circular Economy is developed for the EU SWITCH-Asia 2021 Leadership Academy on Circular Economy, a flagship capacity building activity under the SWITCH-Asia Programme funded by the European Union. The Leadership Academy 2021 was organised by the SWITCH-Asia Regional Policy Advocacy Component (RPAC) in partnership with UNEP and Tongji University under the theme Technology and Innovation for Circular Economy.

This Manual provides a practical analysis to explore the role of technology in advancing a circular economy with a timely compilation of circular technology applications and case studies across Asia. It also discusses the challenges and opportunities to drive a circular transformation in Asia as the region continues to industrialize and urbanize. Finally, the Manual highlights the need for creating enabling policy and institutional conditions to foster innovation and accelerate the uptake of circular technologies and business models in Asia.


Unit 1: Introduction to Circular Economy and the Role of Technology

Unit 2: Technology for a Resource-efficient Circular Economy

Unit 3: Technology for a consumer-empowered Circular Economy

Unit 4: Unlocking New Value for a Circular Economy: Circular Technology Applications and Case Studies

Unit 5: Looking Forward