The Team

Starting from the first of January 2018, the SWITCH-Asia Sustainable Consumption and Production Facility is jointly implemented by GIZ, the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES) and adelphi.

Covering 19 countries across Asia, the new SWITCH-Asia SCP Facility promotes sustainable growth, contributes to economic prosperity and poverty reduction in Asia, supports the development of a green economy and encourages climate change mitigation.

Mr. Arab Hoballah
Team Leader
Email: arab.hoballah[a]

Ms. Supapim Wannopas
Project Coordinator
Email: supapim.wannopas[a]

Mr. Skyler Wiet
Communications and Outreach Manager
Email: wiet[a] 

Ms. Ira Larasaty
SCP Expert, Southeast Asia
Email: ira.larasaty[a] 

Ms. Puja Sawhney
SCP Expert, South Asia

Email: sawhney[a]