Leadership Academy Final Report (2019)

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Leadership Academy Final Report (2019)
Type: Reports
Year: 2020
Language: English
Country: Multi-country
Why Are We Talking About Circular Economy?

The 2019 SWITCH-Asia Circular Economy Academy for Asia was aimed to influence mindsets and inspire action towards a circular economy across young professionals of the region; to increase knowledge and understanding of circular economy by future decision-makers, to showcase circular economy policies and best practices, as well as to enhance a network of junior professionals across Asia in the field of circular economy and sustainable consumption and production.

This report presents key messages from speakers and summaries opening session. Subsequently, the structure of this report is guided by the agenda of the five-day Academy, consisting of four key presentations, seven modules and presentations of Group Work. Each presentation/module with a specific topic relevant to circular economy summaries and main contents/points were made by the speakers. The Group Work session outlines the main proposals that were developed by the groups of participants at the Academy. The part of Conclusion and Evaluation Results are summaries from the result from pre and post evaluation according to the learning objectives. Suggestions proposed by the participants during the Academy, lessons learned and follow-ups are used as a reference for the academy and trainings in the future. The final part highlights the event visibility and its analyses.