Green/Sustainable Public Procurement Implementation

Green/Sustainable Public Procurement Implementation
Year: 2021
Language: English
Summary Report: Internal Thematic Consultative Meeting

Green and Sustainable Public Procurement (G/SPP) is a management strategy to support sustainable consumption and production. Due to the sheer size of public expenditure on goods and services it is regarded as an effective way to lower environmental burdens of products and consumption. Public authority’s procurement accounts for 14% of GDP in Europe, 12% of GDP and 29% of total government expenditure in Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) countries, and up to 30% of GDP in developing countries. There is growing agreement among public authorities that SPP can be used as a strategic instrument to deliver environmental, economic, and social benefits, with a shift from focusing exclusively on the environmental dimension to achieving a balance between all three fundamental pillars of sustainable development.


For the clustered thematic issues focusing on Sustainable/ Green Public Procurement, the objective of the consultation and brainstorming meeting is to strengthen cooperation and partnerships in delivering activities through the three SWITCH-Asia components, involving the Country EU Delegations (EUDs), the National Focal Points (NFPs) within Ministry of partner countries together with SWITCH-Asia implementing Ministry in case different, the Grant projects, and selected regional/ international partners, to ensure cross-border exchange of experiences and larger impact.

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