SWITCH-Asia Branding

The SWITCH-Asia logo represents the SWITCH-Asia programme and should be used in its entirety in the format and proportion provided. The logos are available for download in EPS and PNG file formats.

The SWITCH-Asia Logo
There are two versions of the SWITCH-Asia logo available for download. If you are unsure which to use, please contact us.

[ PNG ] [ EPS ]

[ PNG ] [ EPS ]

The European Union Logo
The "Funded by the European Union" graphic should be included in all programme materials. The preferred placement is to the right of other logo elements.

Funded by the EU
[ PNG ] [ EPS ]

The SWITCH-Asia Color Pallettes
The following color pallette should be observed when producing programme-related materials.

Primary blue: #00b8de | Primary gray: #77778b
Secondary yellow: #ffb000 | Secondary red: #ff1800

Color Pallette
[ PNG ]