Information on SWITCH-Asia SCP Facility

Providing information

The SWITCH-Asia SCP Facility serves as the backbone for the SWITCH-Asia II Programme, facilitating collaboration between components of the programme family. (the EU Grant projects and the Regional Policy Advocacy Component (RPAC), implemented by UN Environment).

Distilling knowledge

Distills knowledge

Within the SWITCH-Asia Programme the SCP Facility distills knowledge of project practices to facilitate exchange of information and promote effective replication and up-scaling. The SCP Facility acts as a platform for SWITCH-Asia projects to best maximize their results and communicate their achievements. The SCPF also conducts studies and produces publications on SCP.

Networking and Building Communities of Interest

Networking and Communities of Interest

The SWITCH-Asia SCP Facility organises networking events for the SWITCH-Asia grant projects to help them share their experiences and facilitate exchanges of lessons learned, success stories and best practices. The Network Facility promotes synergies among the SWITCH-Asia Programme components to increase their impact and support long-term sustainability of respective actions.

The Facility also fosters dynamic and evolving dialogues – online and offline – to address SCP issues. Central to this work, and transforming Asian societies toward more responsible and effcient patterns of business and lifestyle, are multistakholder Communities of Interest. These Communities, driven by annual themes as well as timely and localized issues, bring together key stakeholders to produce insights and exchange knowledge that will inform policy processes.

Promoting SCP Policy and Building Awareness

Promoting SCP Policy

The SWITCH-Asia SCP Facility contributes to a wider dissemination of information material on SCP by publishing studies and reports, and nu building awareness among the public and specialized audiences. to affect change in policy and practice. For more information see Publications

In addition, integrating demand-based policy technical assistance delivered directly to governments is another key function of the SCP Facility. Responding to government requests from 19 target countries, our technical assistance will create an enabling environment to strengthen the development and implementation, as appropriate, of national SCP policies in target countries and assist stakeholders (government, grant benefciaries, private sector, citizens and civil society) in harvesting the benefts of SCP.

As a result, the SWITCH-Asia SCP Facility will:

• Reinforce capacity of implementing line ministries and subnational agencies to promote SCP and to coordinate their portfolios related to SCP practices from different fields.
• Support formulation and implementation of national polices on SCP by Asian governments on demand basis.
• Contribute to the overall effectiveness, sustainability and impact of the different programme components, inter alia via ensuring coordination of and communication between them.
• Increase awareness on SCP and knowledge distilled from the projects for wider replication and links established with global SCP actions in other regions towards promoting inclusive green economy.
• Increase interactions between SMEs/MSMEs and fnancial intermediaries (access to fnance).
• Enhance policy dialogue on SCP in Asia (national and regional), inter-alia via support to the policy advocacy component at the regional level.