16.11.2017 · Category: SWITCH-Asia Network Facility, Lead Elimination Project, Timber Indonesia, Kabul Green Homes, Hand-Woven Eco-Textiles, MSME Clusters, Women-centered ICS, Cook Stoves, Myanmar Cook Stove, Cotton Production

SWITCH-Asia Turns 10

2017 marks the first decade of the SWITCH-Asia Programme.
In the course of these 10 years, Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP) has become a Sustainable Development Goal and is firmly established in the development agenda, adopted in 2015.
Since 2007, SWITCH-Asia has been supporting 100 SCP promotion and demonstration projects across 17 Asian countries, including National and Regional Policy Support Components.

This special issue of the SWITCH-Asia Magazine provides an overview of the impact generated by the Programme in its first decade through its grant projects, highlighting milestones and outstanding success stories, from social impact to technological upgrades, from policy development to new financing solutions. It includes an extensive feature with detailed data and figures of impact, and a country reportage about Nepal.

Working in close coordination with an extensive network of beneficiaries and partner organisations, SWITCH-Asia has been active in multiple industries in least developed and developing countries. The experiences gathered in this decade retain a high level of potential for replication and to a good extent can be scaled up across sectors and regions, as evidenced by the successive creation of partner Programmes SwitchMed and Switch Africa Green.

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