12.01.2015 · Category: SWITCH-Asia Network Facility, MEET-BIS Cambodia

Access to finance for SMEs


First issue of SWITCH-Asia Magazine published

Following a number of events and initiatives on the topic of Green Finance for SMEs held in 2014, the SWITCH-Asia Network Facility has summarised some of the key messages and findings in the first issue of the newly launched SWITCH-Asia Magazine.

This issue features contributions from SWITCH-Asia projects, financial experts, Network Facility cooperation partners, updates from Brussels and SMEs in Asia. It provides a comprehensive picture of the current landscape of Green SME Finance in Asia and shows how SWITCH-Asia is involved in promoting enhanced access to finance for SMEs.

To download the Magazine Winter 2014/15 Issue 1 in pdf format, please click here.

To view the Magazine Winter 2014/15 Issue 1 as ePaper, please click here.

This issue of the SWITCH-Asia Magazine is the first in a new series of Magazine publications which will complement and document ongoing activities of the SWITCH-Asia Programme.

For questions, suggestions or article contributions to the SWITCH-Asia Magazine please contact: patrick.schroeder@scp-centre.org


Download here: SWITCH-Asia Magazine Issue 1 - Access to Finance for SMEs / 6.12 MB (pdf)