18.09.2015 · Category: SWITCH-Asia Network Facility, Eco-Jute, SMART Myanmar, SPIN-VCL, Cotton Production

Sustainable development of Asia's textile and garment industry

With its significant impact on resources and environment, industrial growth, trade, employment, skills development and livelihoods, the textile industry remains a sector of utmost relevance for both developed and developing countries worldwide. Asia has historically been a key player in this field, with many of its countries notorious for sourcing and processing textile products. A latecomer in the group, Myanmar has recently become an appealing new destination for foreign investment in this industry.

Building on the discussions held during the SWITCH-Asia Regional Roundtable in Yangon, this paper illustrates challenges and opportunities towards a sustainable development of this industry in Asia, with experts' insights and case-studies from SWITCH-Asia projects operating in this sector. 

Download here: FINAL_SWITCH-Asia_Briefing_No4 / 1.25 MB (pdf)