27.07.2017 · Category: METABUILD Nepal

Resource-efficient cleaner production in the metal industries

Metal products and scrap from metal-processing industries in Biratnagar, Nepal.
(Source: Silvia Sartori / SWITCH-Asia Network Facility)

Nepal is one of the three countries where the SWITCH-Asia project METABUILD was started in 2016. The project promotes resource efficiency in the supply chain of the metal industries through an holistic approach that includes implementation of resource-efficient cleaner production (RECP) measures at the SME level, policy dialogue and enabling mechanisms of access to green finance.

In Nepal, a minimum of 80 companies in the metal sector are expected to be assisted by the project.

A year later, 10 companies are already reaping benefits from simple RECP measures adopted with the consultancy provided by the project. For these entrepreneurs, cost-efficient investments have yielded meaningful returns in terms of energy saving, reduced hazardous waste and material efficiency. In turn, these improvements are contributing to financial savings and improved productivity of companies as well as to lower pollution in the local communities.

The 9 case studies showcased in this publication illustrate the changes occurred in each company via the project’s assistance, with related costs and benefis. 

Download here: Nepal's case studies / 4.79 MB (pdf)