20.12.2016 · Category: MSME Clusters India

India's foundry MSMEs take up SCP measures

India's foundry sector is highly energy-intensive and vastly based on micro and small enter­prises (MSMEs) that use obsolete and inefficient melting technolo­gies, with negative environmental impact.

- demonstrating the business case for SCP practices
- strengthening local capacity
- improving MSME access to credit
- supporting a conducive regulatory environment
- enhancing MSME market position,

the SWITCH-Asia project MSME Clusters:

  • reduced consumption of coke as fuel by 13 000 tonnes per annum, which in turn generated annual savings of EUR 2.6 million from decreased fuel costs
  • facilitated energy efficiency interventions in 474 MSMEs that reduced their greenhouse gas emissions by 35 750 metric tonnes per annum
  • supported 375 MSMEs in implementing occupational health and safety measures, benefitting more than 5 000 workers.

This brief publication provides a comprehensive review of the project's approach and specific results.

Download here: SWITCH-Asia - Impact sheet - MSME Clusters - 2016 / 4.30 MB (pdf)