05.04.2017 · Category: Greener Construction Project Mongolia

Greener Construction products increased Mongolian SME's competitiveness

The Mongolian construction industry has expanded rapidly in recent years, with little attention paid to the environmental impact of the sector. Concrete is widely used by the construc- tion industry and conventionally made of a mix of cement, water and aggregates which may be substituted by waste materials, e.g. y ash and cinder, from power plants. This reduces costs and improves concrete's insulation capacity, also saving natural raw materials. Mongolia has numerous coal- red power plants producing a huge quantity of y ash (about 300 000 tonnes per plant annually), which is currently disposed of in land ll, with negative environmental impacts. Moreover, in the course of the current construction boom in Mongolia, from the design to the material used and the insulation techniques applied, there was little awareness of how to reduce the environmental impact of the construction process, and also of the positive economic consequences of green materials and technologies.

The Greener Construction project promoted sustainable production and consumption patterns in the construction industry in Mongolia by mobilising the private sector along with relevant public sector authorities. The project's objectives were:

  • Identifcation, development and official approval of green construction products made using fly ash;
  • Support for the production and sale of fly ash products;
  • Identification and promotion of green construction products and practices by SMEs in the construction industry;
  • Improvement of the policy environment (green label) in order to facilitate the use of green construction products and practices.



Download here: SWITCH-Asia Impact Sheet Greener Construction / 3.87 MB (pdf)