07.09.2017 · Category: GPP Bhutan Bhutan

Green Public Procurement Checklist

As it approached completion in June 2017, the Green Public Procurement in Bhutan project published a "Checklist for Implementing Green Public Procurement in Bhutan". The publication has been designed to help Bhutanese public procurers and policymakers get started on green and sustainable purchasing.

In the last 3.5 years, the EU SWITCH-Asia funded GPP Bhutan project has conducted research, trained public procurers, sensitised suppliers and piloted GPP projects in an effort to introduce and implement green public procurement in Bhutan. The project has also conducted three high level seminars and visited all tertiary institutions to raise awareness on topics of Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP) and Green Public Procurement (GPP).

Detailed information about the project's work is available at the GPP Bhutan website.

All publications, including the GPP Handbooks, can be accessed from the Project Publications section of the website.

Download here: Checklist for Implementing GPP in Bhutan / 1.69 MB (pdf)