10.05.2017 · Category: Sri Lanka Renewable Energy Sri Lanka

Biogas: A Sustainable Lifestyle Choice

'Biogas: a Sustainable Lifestyle Choice' is a collection of success stories documented by the SWITCH-Asia project on Up-scaling Biogas Technology for Sustainable Development and Mitigating Climate Change in Sri Lanka.

The project, which comes to an end in May 2017, focused on scaling up the use biogas technologies for sustainable development, responsible tourism, economic growth, thus contributing towards poverty reduction and climate change mitigation in Sri Lanka.

It targeted the tourism sector, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), households and public authorities in the country. Concurrently, it built the technical capacity of companies manufacturing and installing biogas technologies.

The project also supported micro-finance institutions to develop financial schemes providing loans for biogas installations to SMEs and households.

Download here: Biogas: A Sustainable Lifestyle Choice / 13.14 MB (pdf)