28.02.2014 · Category: SWITCH-Asia Network Facility

Understanding Poverty Challenges through Sustainable Consumption and Production Thinking (Part One)

This booklet:

• introduces sustainable consumption and production (SCP);

• presents SCP solutions to the pressing issue of poverty;

• provides inspiration for policymakers and project developers in Europe and Asia who are considering application for funding under the SWITCH Asia Programme;

• shows how SCP projects could support national, regional and global poverty reduction.

The study has two parts that present challenges and solutions. Part One deals with the 'challenges' of poverty reduction, and assists proposal developers in defining problems and searching for solutions in SCP. Part Two provides SCP 'solutions' to poverty reduction, and helps identify SCP practices relevant for poverty reduction during project development for the SWITCH-Asia Programme.

Download the whole study (Part One and Part Two) here.

Download here: SWITCH-Asia Booklet on Poverty_part1 / 2.89 MB (pdf)