27.02.2014 · Category: SWITCH-Asia Network Facility

Policy Tool Box for SCP

The paper aims to enhance the knowledge on SCP policies and enable policy makers to provide concrete input to SCP policy-making to ensure optimal and long lasting impacts of the SWITCH-Asia programme.

The report is divided into two main parts. Part 1 seeks to give the reader a good understanding of what is meant by SCP policies and policy instruments, i.e. what tools are available in the SCP policy tool box. To serve this purpose the section will present an SCP policy framework. Special emphasis is given to SCP policy areas and instruments with particular relevance to the SWITCH-Asia programme, and the conceptual descriptions are supplemented by a brief description of the latest policy development within this field as well as real-life examples of SCP policies from Asia and Europe.

Part 2 of the tool box seeks to assist the SWITCH-Asia projects in identifying policies and policy instruments that could increase the positive environmental and social impacts of their specific projects, e.g. by facilitating replication of the SCP concept relevant to the project. To do this, the section applies two different entry points.

Download here: SWITCH-Asia_Policy Tool Box for SCP / 2.69 MB (pdf)