Wood Processing and Trade

Sustainable and Responsible Trade Promoted to Wood Processing SMEs through Forest and Trade Networks in China, India and Vietnam

SME's often buy wood that has been produced unsustainably, possibly illegally, and so propagate the demand for unsustainable and illegal wood. SME wood processors in the target countries may be aware of the need to manage resources more responsibly, but there is an almost universal lack of capacity to implement actions to address the problem. To exacerbate this, unsustainable development and related forest degradation in Asia result in increased flooding, mudslides, and wildfires as a result of forest loss.

Continued degradation to the natural resource base on which the poor rely will further marginalise vulnerable groups. In order to ensure sustained economic growth, pressures on finite natural resources such as forests must be reduced. The SWITCH-Asia project "Sustainable Wood Processing and Trade" targets at least 600 SMEs in the wood processing sectors of China, India and Vietnam with the aim that they apply sustainable production techniques and provide certified sustainable forest products to national and international markets. This project focuses on SME wood processors to build their capacity for responsible sourcing and production of forest products. It will link these SMEs with buyers and forest managers that are parts of the Global Forest and Trade Network across 34 countries.

Duration: 1/2009 - 1/2013

Total budget: EUR 2,152,056 (EU Contribution: 80%)



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WWF is the world's conservation organisation and aims to safeguard the natural world and help people to change the way they live to ease pressure on natural resources. WWF UK is overseeing the implementation of this project.
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WWF China is responsible of implementing project activities in China.
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WWF India is responsible of implementing project activities in India.
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WWF Vietnam is responsible of implementing project activities in India.
Impact sheet Wood Processing SMEs Impact sheet Wood Processing SMEs

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