Water Stewardship Pakistan

City-wide partnership for sustainable water use and water stewardship in SMEs in Lahore, Pakistan

Pakistan is a water stressed country and unsustainable water use and poor water management and governance practices are causing increasing water scarcity. Pakistan's population is expected to double to around 350 million by 2025 and this growth will put further pressure on water resources, particularly in urban areas, with consequent impacts on people's health, wellbeing, livelihoods and environmental sustainability more widely.

The project aims to promote water efficient production and consumption. By 2015, 300 processing and manufacturing SMEs in the target area have enhanced understanding of Better Water Management Practices (BWMPs). 6,75 high water using SMEs have increased water management capacity, and 25 SMEs are implementing BWMPs, supported by a multi-stakeholder city level water partnership.

The Way Forward

  • Conducting various trainings to strengthen the organisational capacity of the BMOs
  • Reviewing national and international experiences on Best Water Management Practices (BWMPs) and Cleaner Production (CP) measures
  • Providing workshop trainings and on-the-job trainings for 25 showcase SMEs on BWMPs, CP, OHS and Environmental Management Systems
  • Conducting cost-benefit analysis for BWMPs and developing business case report
  • Providing cross-sectoral training workshops to 300 SMEs and supporting institutions;
  • Assisting SMEs to be accredited to Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) standards.


Duration: 1/2013 - 12/2015

Total budget: EUR 815,688 (EU Contribution: 80%)


Mr. Ali Hasnain Sayed
WWF Pakistan Head Office Ferozepur Road,
Lahore, Pakistan



WWF Pakistan WWF Pakistan
WWF – Pakistan is the lead partner and responsible for overall project management, delivery and coordination. It leads the capacity building on water stewardship and engagement with policy makers.
Cleaner Production Institute Cleaner Production Institute
CPI is a project partner. It is a Lahore-based NGO operating in all the industrial cities of Pakistan with experience of working with high water users and polluting SMEs to improve resource efficiency. It plays a role in capacity building and awareness ra
As a project partner, WWF- UK plays a key role in capacity building particularly on freshwater issues and water stewardship. It facilitates the city partnership and fosters a link between project with selected European organisations.
Water Stewardship Pakistan Impact Sheet Water Stewardship Pakistan Impact Sheet
This project publication provides information about the project's economic, environmental and social impacts, it's target groups and policy development. The project finished in December 2015 and reached 400 SMEs promoting better water management practices.

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Project Facts

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Project Brochure

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Project Poster

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