Timber Indonesia

Promoting The Implementation of Timber Legality Assurance (FLEGT License) as a Key Step to Sustainable Production and Consumption in Indonesia's wood processing Industry

Indonesia is home to the world`s third-largest tropical rainforest area, making up 10% of the world's forest cover. Yet Indonesia's forests are disappearing at an alarming rate - 1.4 million hectares of natural forests were cleared annually between 2000 - 2010, some legally, some illegally, for both domestic use and for international export.

The project focuses on Indonesia's wood processing sector and work through and with ASMINDO (Indonesia's furniture and handicraft trade association) to support wood processing SMEs to adhere to domestic and international market regulations on timber legality. The project aims to promote sustainable production and consumption in the forest product markets. By 2015, at least 300 SMEs in Indonesia's wood processing sector (about 10% of the total) are delivering legally verified and sustainably certified products to national and international markets, supported by the procurement policies for national government departments and practices of national and international retailers.

Duration: 2/2013 - 7/2016

Total budget: EUR 1,396,626 (EU Contribution: 78.15%)




Yayasan WWF Indonesia
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Yayasan WWF Indonesia Yayasan WWF Indonesia
WWF-Indonesia is the lead applicant and is responsible for the overall management. It coordinates technical and financial monitoring and evaluation.
ASMINDO is one of project partners. It plays a role in disseminating best practice amongst target groups in a complimentary engagement process to promote a wider awareness of the issues and uptake of best practice in responsible purchasing of forest produ
WWF-UK is one of project partners. In the project it plays a role by engaging with retailers in the European market, and supports capacity building activities.
Impact Sheet Timber Indonesia Impact Sheet Timber Indonesia
The project impact sheet provides a brief information on the project's challenges, activities, scaling up strategies and results. The "Timber Indonesia" project has created several impacts.

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fact sheet

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