Sustainable Building and Interior Decoration Initiative

Both the building and construction market and interior decoration and renovation activities are growing rapidly in China. However, this rapid growth has some negative environmental and health consequences. Lead, asbestos and mould included in environmentally harmful products cause severe health problem for decoration workers and the inhabitants of buildings containing such materials. Substantial material use, degeneration and inadequate disposal of (toxic) waste negatively impact the environment. With regard to sustainable buildings, the focus is often on the construction phase, while the 'second' building phase, the Building Interior Renovation and Decoration (BIRD) activities are often not widely considered.

The SWITCH-Asia project Sustainable Interior Decoration Initiative (SUS BIRD) worked towards improving the living quality for building inhabitants and workplace safety for decoration workers. Project partners aimed to increase the sustainability of interior decoration and renovation practices. This included consumers choosing safe, healthy and environmentally friendly decoration products and appliances.

The SUS BIRD project had established and maintained a product information system on sustainable decoration products. It strengthened the integration and adoption of labeling/certification programs. With handbooks and information packages it had eased market access. Moreover, the project partners provided capacity building to product suppliers and staff of decoration/renovation companies. With awareness campaigns SUS BIRD addressed consumers and policy makers. It demonstrated good practices, research case studies and replicated recorded experiences.

Duration: 12/2009 - 11/2013

Total budget: EUR 2,122,828 (EU Contribution: 80%)


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China Standard Certification Center (CSC) China Standard Certification Center (CSC)
CSC is committed to sustainable development by promoting energy efficient and environmentally friendly products while providing relevant Chinese stakeholders with technical assistance in the areas of energy efficiency and environmental protection. CSC is
China Building Decoration Association (CBDA) China Building Decoration Association (CBDA)
CBDA is the industry association for Building Interior Renovation and Decoration (BIRD) SMEs in China and will represent the SMEs and allow a realistic view of their needs. CBDA provides decoration-specific knowledge, supports the recruitment of SMEs and
Science and Technology Promotion Center of MoHURD (CSTC) Science and Technology Promotion Center of MoHURD (CSTC)
CSTC acts as the knowledge centre for topics related to sustainable buildings in China. It will mainly provide technical expertise, guarantee the high quality of training, and provide SME support and policy recommendations. CSTC’s close links to the Min
Collaborating Centre on Sustainable Consumption and Production (CSCP) Collaborating Centre on Sustainable Consumption and Production (CSCP)
CSCP is the Think-and-Do-Tank explicitly working on SCP. It has extensive experience in SCP related research, monitoring and dissemination of SCP and capacity building, both internationally and in China. CSCP will mainly support the design and implementat
United Nations Environment Programme Division of Technology Industry and Economics (UNEP-DTIE) United Nations Environment Programme Division of Technology Industry and Economics (UNEP-DTIE)
UNEP hosts the Marrakech Process on SCP and the Sustainable Building and Construction Initiative (SBCI). It’s one of the most important international stakeholders and will provide expertise, foster policy uptake through their excellent networks and supp
Impact Sheet Impact Sheet
In this final publication, the SUS BIRD project reported on the economic and environmental impacts as well as its achievements in terms of target group engagement and policy development. The project has completed in 2013.

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Project Fact Sheet

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Project Poster

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Project Presentation October 2011

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