Sri Lanka Renewable Energy

Promoting Renewable Energy as a Driver for Sustainable Development and Mitigation of Climate Change in Sri Lanka

The Sri Lankan tourism industry is booming with number of tourists increasing every year. Hotel and restaurant facilities need to deal with increasing amount of waste and growing energy costs. Biogas production is a sustainable win-win solution to manage their waste while contributing to their energy needs and reducing energy costs. However, development of biogas technology requires strong technical capacity of biogas units' constructors. The lack of after-sale service and maintenance of biogas units as well as lack of SME appropriate entrepreneurial capacities has hampered sustainability of past projects.

The Project aims to create an enabling environment for a large-scale dissemination of biogas technology for SMEs in tourism industry and households. To achieve it, the project targets the demand side as well as the supply side by mobilising the manufacture and construction private sector, micro finance institutions (MFIs), tourism industry and the society as a whole.

Duration: 1/2014 - 5/2017

Total budget: EUR 831,931.42 (EU Contribution: 80%)


Mr. Petr Drbohlav

Šafaříkova 24
Prague 2
Czech Republic

People In Need (PIN) People In Need (PIN)
PIN is the lead partner and responsible for the overall project management and implementation.
Janathakshan Janathakshan
Janathakshan is the project partner for majority of the activities with particular focus on liaising with public authorities and creation of legal framework, technical aspects and outreach in the provinces.
Sri Lanka Renewable Energy Impact Sheet Sri Lanka Renewable Energy Impact Sheet
This final project publication provides information about the project's economic, environmental and social impacts, it's target groups and policy development. The project finished in May 2017.

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Sri Lankan Renewable Energy - Project Fact Sheet 2014

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Awareness workshop to tourism operators in Sri Lanka's central province

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Awareness workshop in Sri Lanka's Eastern Province

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Biogas use in households

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Bionews January-April 2017

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