Printing and Dyeing

Sustainable Production in the Printing and Dyeing Sector in China

China is the largest textile producing and consuming nation in the world. The development of the textile industry is vital to China's economic development. Printing and dyeing (P&D) is a key process and an important sector in the textile industry. From total national production, over 50% was produced in Zhejiang province and about 33% in Shaoxing County. However, P&D is by far the most polluting stage of production in the textile industry, due to high water and energy consumption, and high water pollution. Given 98% of firms in P&D industry in China are SMEs, a lack of enterprise level awareness, knowledge, and professional expertise can be a major challenge.

The Objectives:

The project aims at reducing environmental impacts from the textile printing and dyeing industry in China, through promoting sustainable production among 350 SMEs in Zhejiang Province with Shaoxing County as demonstration area, supporting the creation of an enabling policy environment, and promoting the replication of project experience.

Duration: 2/2013 - 1/2017

Total budget: EUR 1,499,000 (EU Contribution: 79.97%)


Zhejiang Province Economic and Information Commission

Mr. Zheng Yifang
Building 8
Administration Center
479 Tiyuchang Road
Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China, 310007

Zhejiang Province Economic and Info rmation Co mmission (ZPEIC) Zhejiang Province Economic and Info rmation Co mmission (ZPEIC)
ZPEIC is the lead applicant and is a key department of the provincial government. It is responsible in coordinating printing and dyeing (P&D) companies in Zhejiang and supports provincial policy development.
Textile Association of Galicia (ATEXGA) Textile Association of Galicia (ATEXGA)
ATEXGA is one of project partners. It is an industry association in the regional textile cluster of Galicia, where the world-famous fashion group Inditex – is based. It brings into the project links with fashion groups, regulatory experience from Eur
Zhejiang Association of Printing and Dyeing Industry (ZAPDI)
ZAPDI is one of project partners. It has about 300 direct members and close connection with the target SMEs, and has extensive experience in promoting cleaner production. It engages its member companies and provide expertise.
Zhejiang University (ZJU) Zhejiang University (ZJU)
As a project partner, ZJU provides a large pool of technical human resources, skilled on cleaner production, pollution control, energy and water saving. Its Industrial Development Research Center (IDRC) will conduct policy studies.
Shaoxing County Government (SCG) Shaoxing County Government (SCG)
Shaoxing Co unty Government (SCG ) is a project partner. It coordinates all printing and dyeing companies in Shaoxing to participate in the project, develops policy instruments and actively involves its enforcement agencies.
Printing and Dyeing Impact Sheet Printing and Dyeing Impact Sheet
This final project publication provides information about the project's economic, environmental and social impacts, it's target groups and policy development. The Sustainable Production in the Printing and Dyeing Sector in China project ended in 2017.

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Fact and contact Sheet

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