PPP for 4Gs

Sustainable Production of Commercially Viable Products from Municipal Wastes through Public-Private Partnerships in Green SMEs, Green City, Green Agro Products, and Green Employment Generation

Most of the municipalities in Nepal follow a disposal-centric approach for waste management. However, few attempts have been made to shift towards a recovery-centric approach. Those recovery-centric initiatives still lack financial viability. To support Government's efforts, the project will enable commercially viable compost production from municipal waste and consumption for tea and vegetable farming.

The Project aims to enable a sustainable waste management system, construction and management of compost plant through Public-Private Partnership (PPP) approach, promotion of compost use for organic tea and vegetable farming, and mobilisation of financial institutions to increase access to credit for the enhancement of organic farming.

Duration: 1/2014 - 1/2018

Total budget: EUR 982,577 (EU Contribution: 89.99%)


Mr. Binod Prasad Shrestha

1103/68 Devkota Sadak


Winrock International (WI) Winrock International (WI)
WI is the lead partner and responsible for the overall project management and activities.
Namsaling Community Development Center (NCDC) Namsaling Community Development Center (NCDC)
NCDC is a project partner and plays role in social mobilisation for stakeholder coordination, awareness campaigns, and coordination at local/regional level.