Leapfrogging the green craft of felt making

The Democratic People's Republic (DPR) of Korea's economy is dominated by large-scale, often heavily polluting industries, and its economic growth is stalled by several factors, among them obsolete technology, trade obstacles and an insecure electricity supply. The sustainable consumption and production (SCP) does not figure too prominently on the current economic development agenda. Therefore, an innovative approach is needed that takes the unique situation and particular hurdles in the DPR Korea into consideration. The artisanal sector is suitable as it is less regulated and more accessible than other sectors. Additionally, the project targets a particularly vulnerable part of the population, namely the deaf.

The project aims at launching a systemic switch to sustainable production methods and sustainable consumption practices in DPR Korea. Specifically, it strengthens sustainable production methods in the felt making industry and textile processing, and creates awareness and bolster demand for green products, particularly felt products.

Duration: 3/2016 - 2/2020

Total budget: EUR 896,308 (EU Contribution: 80%)


Mr. Rainer Agster
adelphi research
Caspar-Theyss-Str. 14a
14193 Berlin

Tel: +49-30-8900068-0

adelphi adelphi
adelphi is the lead partner, responsible for the overall project management and implementation. It contributes in policy analysis, consulting and project management in the field of sustainability.
Pyongyang International Information Center on New Technology and Economy (PIINTEC)
PIINTEC is a local NGO who acts as the SCP know-how transfer partner. PIINTEC will become the country’s SCP knowledge and facilitation centre.
Korea Federation for the Protection of the Disabled (KFPD)
KFPD is a local NGO dedicated to the disability work in the civil society. It has expertise in working with the deaf community of the DPRK.
TOGETHER-Hamhung – Educational Center for Deaf, Blind, and Nondisabled Children Hamhung (THH) TOGETHER-Hamhung – Educational Center for Deaf, Blind, and Nondisabled Children Hamhung (THH)
THH is a German DPO – a Disabled Persons' Organisation that works to further qualify a number of deaf and hearing persons towards inclusive participation in the society. THH is the key expert in sign language for the media produced by PIINTEC.
German-Belgian-Luxembourgian Chamber of Commerce (AHK debelux) German-Belgian-Luxembourgian Chamber of Commerce (AHK debelux)
AHK debelux is a project partner, responsible in development of VET schemes, capacity building, and the promotion of external trade together with the internalisation of business and services.