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Jute (known as the Golden Fibre) played a significant role in the economic prospect of Bangladesh. Over the recent past years, the Jute Diversified Products (JDPs) received further attention as the natural character of jute fibre attracts consumers. However, the jute growers are facing problems to access good quality and high yielding seeds and appropriate technologies to reduce cost of production. Moreover, due to the fragmentation of the rural market chain, the growers are not getting a fair price for their production. This leads less interest to cultivate jute. The workers engaged in production lack adequate skills for maintaining quality of products and hence lose the interest of buyers.

The Objectives: The project seeks to contribute to pro-poor economic growth through social business promotion with an emphasis on sustainable agriculture sector growth and poverty reduction in Bangladesh. Specifically it aims at strengthening the exports competitiveness of Bangladesh through promotion of environment friendly jute diversified products.

The way forward:

  • Workforce empowerment of poor men and women working in the jute supply chain trough skills development, micro-enterprise training, business and professional training;
  • Mobilisation and promotion of producers' & small entrepreneurs' groups to improve productivity and market access;
  • Development of producers' groups for technology transfer for high yield jute variety and retting;
  • Value addition processing, diversification and packaging of jute products through business and market intermediaries' engagement;
  • Marketing and development of jute supply chain;


Duration: 3/2013 - 8/2016

Total budget: EUR 2,222,170 (EU Contribution: 90%)


Care France
Aurélie LEROYER, Progranme Officer
71, rue Archereau
75019 PARIS, France


CARE France CARE France
CARE France is the lead partner and responsible in providing technical and managerial oversight of the project. It also plays a role in learning and knowledge management
UTTARAN is a project partner. It plays a role in addressing national level business and market intermediaries, which will promote small entrepreneurs at rural level.
Sheba Manab Kallyan Kendra (SMKK) Sheba Manab Kallyan Kendra (SMKK)
SMKK is a project partner. It contributes in community mobilization and field implementation in the targeted four districts.
Debi Chowdhurani Palli Unnayan Kendra (DCPUK) Debi Chowdhurani Palli Unnayan Kendra (DCPUK)
DCPUK is a project partner. It helps project to address national level business and market intermediaries, and to carry out field level activities.
Eco Social Development Organization (ESDO) Eco Social Development Organization (ESDO)
ESDO is a project partner. It contributes in community mobilization and field implementation, including selection of beneficiaries, conducting trainings and analyses, and supporting community platforms.
Jute Diversified Products Impact Sheet Jute Diversified Products Impact Sheet
This final project publication provides information about the project's economic, environmental and social impacts, it's target groups and policy development. The project finished in August 2016 and facilitated monetary savings of BDT 3 192 390 (EUR 37 558) by the jute producers and JDP workers through the self-help savings practice.

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