Jute: an eco-friendly alternative for a sustainable future

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The SWITCH-Asia 'Jute: an eco-friendly alternative for a sustainable future' project aimed to ensure that there is a positive environmental and economic impact of the jute sector on its workers, producers, farmers and the consumer by encouraging a switch to more environmentally sustainable practices in the jute industry.

This was a multi-country project, covering entire Bangladesh and West Bengal, India. The project had encouraged sustainable production and consumption of eco-friendly jute diversified products (JDP) in Bangladesh and India and focused on increasing awareness of SCP practices, improving business capacity to produce more market-driven products, ensured that service providers have the right set of skills to work with SMEs, established a match making service through Business Facilitation Units to support sustainable service provision, and campaigned for increasing demand for eco-friendly products as well as supportive policies for the sector.

The main project activities had included building capacity of local service providers, training JDP SMEs to produce market driven products, encouraging the government to develop relevant policies, while working with consumers to get them to buy more eco-friendly products. The project had worked with 181 JDP SMEs and 148 Service Providers. The project worked both on the supply and demand side.

This project sought to benefit at least 500 SMEs, their 25000 workers and their family members.

Duration: 3/2010 - 2/2014

Total budget: EUR 920,569 (EU Contribution: 80%)


Kazi Shahed H. Ferdous
Traidcraft Exchange
Bangladesh Country Office
Apt 5/A, House 11, Road 13 (New) Dhanmondi
1209 Dhaka
Phone: + 880 171 303 3447

Phone: + 880 171 303 3447

Traidcraft Exchange (TX) Traidcraft Exchange (TX)
TX is a UK-based NGO working in Asia and Africa with focus on facilitating poor producers to grow their own businesses, find markets and trade profitably. TX will be responsible for the project management and technical strategic support of this project
Margdarshak Development Services Margdarshak Development Services
Margdarshak Development Services (India) is an organisation with strong experience in economic development and of managing large projects, particularly ones involving the transfer of skills and training, setting up a BFU, and match-making learning.
Training, Assistance and Rural Advancement Non-Government Organization (TARANGO) Training, Assistance and Rural Advancement Non-Government Organization (TARANGO)
TARANGO, a Bangladeshi national NGO with a special focus on women’s rights and empowerment, and have been working with marginalised JDP producers. TARANGO is responsible for networking with JD SMEs and organising trainings and events.
Impact Sheet Impact Sheet
In this final publication, the Eco-Jute project reported on the economic, environmental and social impacts as well as its achievements in terms of climate benefits, green finance, target group engagement, policy development and Europe-Asia cooperation. The project has completed in 2014.

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Fact Sheet

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Project Progress Sheet

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Project Presentation June 2011

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Project Poster

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Policy Paper for Jute Sector

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