HP Cogen – Pak

High Pressure Cogeneration (HPC) for Sugar Sector in Pakistan

Pakistan's sugar sector has an annual availability of 4.4 million metric tons of bagasse, sugar mill waste. To generate heat and electricity for its energy needs, the sugar sector is using an inefficient low pressure cogeneration system, consuming 46% more bagasse compared to HPC. Adoption of HPC is hampered by high upfront cost, technology risks, low capacity of technology providers, non-responsive financial sector and non-conducive regulatory regime.

This Project promotes: 1) sustainable production of energy through replication of existing HPC technologies in the sugar sector and 2) sustainable consumption of bagasse by supporting sugar mills in the adoption of HPC technology, through technology standardization, enabling access to finance, and mobilising of relevant public sector authorities for the formulation of a conducive regulatory regime.

Duration: 3/2014 - 3/2018

Total budget: EUR 2,161,785.20 (EU Contribution: 79.80%)


Mr. Omar M. Malik

19 Davis Road


Iqbal Hamid Trust (IHT) Iqbal Hamid Trust (IHT)
IHT is the lead partner and responsible for the overall project management and implementation. IHT provides the technical teams with the feasibility preparations, technology standardisation, financial modeling, regulatory and legal support to PSMA members, and policy advocacy.
sequa GmbH sequa GmbH
sequa is a project partner and responsible in cost of generation study for bagasse based power projects, financial risk analysis study, training of financial institutions, and finance departments of sugar mills.
The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI)
As a partner, TERI plays a role in the development of HPC standardised technical specifications, in-house capacity building on standardised design, creating B2B linkages between local and Indian technology providers, and training for technical staff of sugar mills.
Pakistan Sugar Mills Association (PSMA) Pakistan Sugar Mills Association (PSMA)
PSMA hosts National Bagasse Power Support Cell offering technical, financial and regulatory consultancy to sugar sector. PSMA contributes in engagement of relevant stakeholders, revision of indicative tariff, and policy advocacy.
HP Cogen Pak Impact Sheet HP Cogen Pak Impact Sheet
This project publication provides information about the project's economic, environmental and social impacts, it's target groups and policy development.

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Project Impact Sheet

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