Greening Sri Lankan Hotels

Greening Sri Lankan Hotels

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The SWITCH-Asia "Greening Sri Lanka Hotels" project sought to address the issue of high energy, water and resource consumption of the hospitality sector in Sri Lanka, and to improve its environmental performance through promotion of 'Green Concepts', baseline surveys and baseline setting, advisory services, support and training, dissemination of success stories, engaging with hotel suppliers, as well as promoting participating hotels in international markets.

Tourist arrival was expected to increase sharply with the dawn of lasting peace in Sri Lanka, and the government wanted to establish and position Sri Lanka as "Asia's most treasured and greenest island". This vision had matched the objectives of the SWITCH Asia Project launched by Ceylon Chamber of Commerce. The main beneficiaries of the Project were 350 participating small and medium scale hotels. Around 200 main suppliers to hotels were benefited by the increased competitiveness and profitability as well as market stability and prices for their products.

Duration: 11/2009 - 11/2013

Total budget: EUR 1,829,828 (EU Contribution: 80%)


Aruni Heenkenda
The Ceylon Chamber Of Commerce
3rd Floor IBM Building
No. 48 Navam Mawatha
Sri Lanka
Phone: 94 11 5588701

Ceylon Chamber of Commerce (CCC) Ceylon Chamber of Commerce (CCC)
CCC is a confederation of regional and sectoral chambers of commerce and industry, trade associations, employer organisations and bilateral business councils. CCC helps small and medium-sized hotels to enhance their environmental performance through promo
Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority (SLSEA) Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority (SLSEA)
SLSEA is an apex institution driving Sri Lanka toward a new level of sustainability in energy generation and usage. SLSEA assists small and medium scale hotels to reduce their operating costs substantially through improvements in energy management.
Institute of Environmental Professionals of Sri Lanka (IEPSL) Institute of Environmental Professionals of Sri Lanka (IEPSL)
Through education, research and application of scientific knowledge, IEPSL contributes to the maintenance of high standards in the practice of environmental management. IEPSL assists small and medium-sized hotels substantially reduce their operating costs
Responsible Tourism Partnership (RTP) Responsible Tourism Partnership (RTP)
RTP works to help businesses and communities around the world maximise their potential for responsible tourism through a range of activities and iniatives. RTP supports increased awareness on SCP and the reduction of adverse impacts on the environment due
Travel Foundation Travel Foundation
The Travel Foundation helps UK travel companies take action on sustainable tourism by providing a range of tools, training and communication materials. Travel Foundation assists Sri Lankan hotels to improve their consumer acceptance through boosting their
Impact Sheet Impact Sheet
In this final publication, the Greening Sri Lankan Hotels project reported on the economic, environmental and social impacts as well as its achievements in terms of climate benefits, green finance, target group engagement, policy development and Europe-Asia cooperation. The project has completed in 2013.

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fact sheet

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Project Presentation

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