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The overall objectives are to:

  • Contribute to increasing the share of sustainable consumption by Vietnamese consumers in general.
  • Increase capacity of consumer organisations and government in convincing and supporting consumers in making the choice for more sustainable consumption behaviour.
  • This will be realised by a number of concerted actions on targeted consumer groups in living and working contexts.


The specific objectives of the action are to:

  • Identify and implement the opportunities of shifting consumption choices of 10 selected test groups of households and office workforces towards more sustainable behaviour.
  • Replicate the tested approaches for transition towards more sustainable consumption to a large group of household consumers and office workers in Vietnam divided in 50 'GetGreen VN' Groups - meaning well over 1000 Vietnamese consumers will be change agents for the transition towards sustainable consumption.
  • Link green supply side to emerging sustainable consumption patterns
  • Involve consumer organisations and other relevant organisations directly in the action to improve their capacity


Duration: 4/2012 - 3/2015

Total budget: EUR 1,368,070 (EU Contribution: 80%)


Linda Roos
Delft University of Technology
Mekelweg 2
2628 CD Delft
The Netherlands

Delft University of Technology Delft University of Technology
TU Delft is contributing significantly to the development of responsible solutions to urgent societal problems. The section Design for Sustainability is working worldwide to develop, test and disseminate methods and tools for products and services with su
Vietnam Cleaner Production Centre Vietnam Cleaner Production Centre
A member of the UNIDO-UNE network of National Cleaner Production Centres, VNCPC was founded as a centre of excellence and advocacy in the field of cleaner production.
Asian Institute of Technology in Vietnam (AIT-VN) Asian Institute of Technology in Vietnam (AIT-VN)
AITCV takes pride in being the first international institute in Vietnam and the first centre of AIT out of its headquarters in Thailand. AITCV trains masters in the fields of technology, engineering and management.
GetGreen Vietnam Impact Sheet GetGreen Vietnam Impact Sheet
The project impact sheet provides a brief information on the project's challenges, activities, scaling up strategies and results. The "GetGreen Vietnam" project reported several impacts achieved, among others: Economic impacts - 50 products reviewed in 16 co-creation sessions involving consumer groups and SMEs - Achieved monetary savings, especially in energy efficiency and transportation Environmental impacts: - Reduction in water use - Reduction in waste generation and use of plastic bags - Increased procurement of sustainable products, especially organic food and energy efficiency (EE) appliances, by individuals and organisations

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The project in a nutshell

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2015 factsheet

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Green Consumption guidebook

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