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A report indicates that cooking fuel accounts for 70% of Lao's overall energy. This high dependence on biomass resources degrades local environments; demands considerable time in fuel collection, is costly and creates indoor air pollution that causes the premature death of 2,600 people each year (according to the WHO). Further, the burning of coal and wood adds considerably to greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, in 1997 several initiatives have begun to promote improved cook stoves known as the Tao Payat Stove or the "Savings" Stove.

The Objectives: The project aims at establishing sustainable production and consumption of cleaner and fuel-efficient Improved Cook Stoves (ICS) by the end of 2016, where 50% of the market share of cook stoves will be dominated by ICS. It also focuses at consumers in five target provinces to have better awareness and access to purchase ICS, as an affordable and high quality alternative to traditional cook stoves.

The way forward:

  • Providing comprehensive training program to build target producers' capacity to reach business maturity,
  • Providing capacity building to a wide range of retailers on labeled ICS model with focus on the benefits (cost, time savings, environmental) that will accrue to end consumers,
  • Preparing consumer promotion campaign by the Lao Women's Union with dual focus on business promotion and social promotion,
  • Optimising product design of ICS model and related production tools, prior to commencing large-scale production,
  • Consolidating ICS production by ensuring proper testing of product for quality control and assurance,
  • leading to certification of producers and labeling of the product for end-users / consumers,
  • Jointly developing a formal policy on cleanliness and efficiency standards of cook stoves, to be applied at a national level.


Duration: 2/2013 - 1/2017

Total budget: EUR 2,057,791.90 (EU Contribution: 89.79%)




Oxfam Novib
Mauritskade 9, 2500 GX The Hague,
The Netherlands

Oxfam Novib Oxfam Novib
Oxfam Novib is the lead partner of this project and responsible for overall management and implementation. It provides capacity strengthening and guidance to the partners.
SNV-Netherlands Development Organisation SNV-Netherlands Development Organisation
SNV is a partner and plays a role as technical advisor. It provides capacity development services to partners and target groups
Association for Rural Mobilisation and Improvement NORMAI Association for Rural Mobilisation and Improvement NORMAI
NORMAI is the main implementing partner in the project. As an NGO, Normai has in depth understanding of the production of stoves.
Cook Stoves Impact Sheet Cook Stoves Impact Sheet
In this publication, the Cook Stoves project reported on the economic, environmental and social impacts as well as its achievements in terms of climate benefits, target group engagement and policy development. The project has completed in January 2017.

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