Clean Batik Initiative

Encouraging and Implementing Sustainable Production and Consumption of Eco-Friendly Batik in Indonesia and Malaysia

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Small and medium enterprises producing batik operate with excessive use of water, wax, chemical dyes and bleaching agents that are harmful to the environment. Low health and safety awareness also leave the workers exposed to hazardous substances on a daily basis. There is no demand-led stimulus for batik SMEs to switch to a cleaner method of production. In addition, female workers who greatly contribute to the beauty of batik are still fighting for equal rights in the work place.

The SWITCH-Asia "Clean Batik Initiative (CBI)" seeks to address the low environmental indicators of the Indonesian and Malaysian batik industry by attempting to implement cleaner production (CP) concepts in batik production as part of its Sustainable Production (SP) component. This involves targeting the adoption of Environmental Oriented Cost Management, Good Housekeeping, Chemical Management, Water and Energy Efficiency, and Fit-for-Purpose technology by approximately 600 SMEs in Indonesia and Malaysia. Additionally, batik SMEs that successfully implement CP concept will be eligible to receive various trade and promotional assistances from the Sustainable Consumption (SC) component of the CBI project. This includes marketing consultancy, media exposure, online product promotion, business matchmakings as well as support for domestic and international trade fairs. In parallel, public awareness events to various consumer groups will be conducted to encourage a switch of consumption habits that will favour green products such as clean batiks. In order to complement concrete interventions in businesses and consumer organisations, the CBI project will also facilitate policy dialogues and lobby group activities with governments at local, regional, and national level.

Duration: 12/2009 - 12/2013

Total budget: EUR 2,316,792 (EU Contribution: 80%)


Martin Krummeck
Jl. H. Agus Salim 115
Phone: + 62 21 3154685

European Business Chamber of Commerce in Indonesia (EKONID) European Business Chamber of Commerce in Indonesia (EKONID)
EKONID is the biggest European Chamber of Commerce in Indonesia with many years of experience implementing projects on renewable energy, environment and community development. EKONID is the lead implementer of the project.
Malaysian-German Chamber of Commerce (MGCC) Malaysian-German Chamber of Commerce (MGCC)
MGCC focuses on assisting SMES to develop their production and management skills and in capacity building for internationalization.
IHK-Akademie München IHK-Akademie München
IHK-Akademie is the Education and Training department of the IHK- München, which is the largest Chamber of Commerce in Germany. IHK-Akademie will provide European technical experts to enable knowledge transfer.
Clean Batik Initiative impact sheet Clean Batik Initiative impact sheet

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fact sheet

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CBI Newsletter August 2011

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Project Presentation Oct 2011

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Project Progress Sheet 2011

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CBI Annual Report

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CBI Annual Report 2011