SWITCH-Asia Policy Support Component

Joint Policy actions require close cooperation with national Asian Governments. To link the efforts of the projects to the policy level, EuropeAid developed the Policy Support Component (PSC).  The overall objective of the SWITCH-Asia policy support component (PSC) is to strengthen the implementation of national and sub-regional policies on SCP in selected countries in Asia. The PSC consists of two instruments designed to address policy reinforcement for SCP: one regional programme, and four national projects.

The regional part of the policy component targets all countries that are eligible for the SWITCH-Asia Programme.  This component is managed and implemented by UNEP, together with a range of governmental and academic institutions. The policy work involves four key areas: policy assessment, capacity building including direct policy support, policy dialogue, and institution building.

The EU currently implements national policy support programmes in Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Thailand. The objective of the four country programmes is to support the formulation of their own SCP policies and strategies and the development of National SCP Action Plans.