10.02.2017 · Category: Sheep Wool Building Materials, SWITCH-Asia Network Facility Mongolia

Shear Innovation

In the harsh climate conditions of Mongolia, good building insulation is of paramount importance. Whilst a growing number of citizens is moving from traditional yurts ("ger") with poor living standards to urban buildings in the midst of a growing urbanisation process, high quality insulation can be provided by a product that Mongolia has a wealth of but which has never been used before for building insulation purposes: sheep wool.

With the support of the EU-funded SWITCH-Asia project Sheep Wool Building Materials, pastoralists, SMEs, authorities and residents have explored the properties and benefits of sheep wool as an energy-efficient, safer and cleaner building insulation material and started applying it to domestic buildings.

By the project's completion in 2016:
• 200 herders were trained on wool preparation
• 130 tons of raw wool were transformed into more than 3200 m3 of Sheep Wool Building Insulation (SWBI)
• 4 demo buildings were set-up
• 180 houses were isolated with SWBI, preventing the emission in the atmosphere of 636 tons of CO2
• 6 domestic companies started producing SWBI
• 2 SWBI-related technical standards were approved .