04.08.2017 · Category: Sustainable Carpet and Pashmina, SWITCH-Asia Network Facility Nepal

Nepal's Green Entrepreneurs

The carpet and pashmina sectors are among Nepal's largest sources of exports and industrial employment. Yet they often operate with inefficient production processes that cause severe pollution and damage their global competitiveness.

The SWITCH-Asia project Sustainable Carpet and Pashmina has supported SMEs in the pashmina, carpet washing and wool sectors in the Kathmandu Valley to switch to more efficient production technologies and processes.

The entrepreneurs who took up the project's recommendations can boast several environmental, financial and corporate gains.
Water and fuel consumption as well as CO2 emissions decreased while productivity increased. New clients have been attracted by improved working environments and are now offering higher remuneration for these services. The retention of qualified manpower has been strengthened. Workers enjoy safer workspaces, increased job stability and higher salaries. Neighbouring communities praise the improved environmental impact of these SMEs.

In this video some of these entrepreneurs recount their journey with the project, showing how it has raised awareness in the workforce and changed their company's performance.