15.05.2017 – 17.05.2017 · Bangkok, Thailand · Category: SWITCH-Asia Network Facility Thailand

Training Workshop on Measuring and Reporting of SWITCH-Asia Projects’ Results and Blending Mechanisms of Financial Instruments

The Network Facility (NF) will organise a 3-day training workshop to support the grant projects in documenting and reporting results / outcomes - and eventually their visibility, and to inform project representatives on financing opportunities via "Blending mechanisms."

The event is dedicated for SWITCH-Asia ongoing projects and their respective EU Delegations (EUDs) as the contracting agencies for SWITCH-Asia projects. The Network Facility will facilitate a dialogue between grant projects and their respective EUDs in regard with the project's Log Frame and result indicators.

The first and second day of training will be devoted to the themes of monitoring and reporting, while the third day will broaden the audience and address the opportunities available for projects' access to finance via Blending mechanisms.

The training workshops will support the ongoing and future SWITCH-Asia projects in creating ownership of development priorities in their respective countries, having focus on results, ensuring partnerships of all actors while recognising the diversity and complementarity of their functions. The training shall further support the creation of transparency and shared responsibility among stakeholders. In addition the inclusion of access to finance option will contribute to the financial sustainability of SWITCH-Asia projects.


This event will contribute to:

1) Identification of the SCP conceptual framework and indicators for SWITCH-Asia data collection, reporting and monitoring

2) Identification of relevant SCP-based indicators for SWITCH-Asia

3) Compilation of relevant SCP indicators for SWITCH-Asia grant projects

4) Definition of a set of reference SCP indicators linking SWITCH-Asia grant projects with the SWITCH-Asia grant programme.


- Representatives of all SWITCH-Asia ongoing projects

- Representatives of ongoing Policy Support Component

- Project officers in the EU Delegations and HQ project manager

- Representatives of Policy Advocacy Component

- SWITCH-Asia Network Facility

- SWITCH to Green Facility

Venue: to be announced soon

Agenda (draft) 

Day 1.1

Identification and definition of an adequate conceptual SCP framework and related indicators for SWITCH-Asia projects’ data collection, reporting and monitoring


Ensuring a common understanding of the need for data collection and harmonised reporting within the SWITCH Asia Programme and its components

Session 1: Identifying a set of adequate and relevant SCP-derived indicators for the SWITCH-Asia Programme

Session 2: Identifying and defining a set of adequate and relevant SWITCH-Asia grant projects and policy support components

Day 1.2

Defining a set of SCP related reference Indicators linking SWITCH-Asia grant projects and policy support components with the overall SWITCH-Asia Programme monitoring

Session 3: Indicator methodology, measurement and compilation, data quality assurance

Session 4: Guidelines and best practices supporting the harmonised implementation of the SWITCH-Asia SCP monitoring framework

Day 2


Practical training in SCP indicator monitoring and reporting


Training workshops to help project representatives and EUD staff in getting acquainted with the new indicator framework and its correct implementation

Session 1&2: Workshop on the use of and limitations of the SWITCH-Asia SCP monitoring framework with grant project and policy support component representative, the NF and Delegations’ project managers

Session 3&4:  Reviewing the previously presented and discussed best practice guideline and SCP monitoring framework (day 1, session 4) in the light of the experiences derived from previous indicator application workshop

Session 5: Wrap-up of the SWITCH-Asia Monitoring and Reporting training

Day 3

Complementarity of Switch and Blending. Joint event with Switch grantees


Fostering a connection between Blending, IFIs and SWITCH-Asia grantees. To show how SWITCH-Asia projects could access financial instruments in blending and to look at the role of green investment

Session 1: Improving access to green and SME finance for SWITCH-Asia project related SMEs. The roles of guarantees and risk-sharing instruments. Role of blending in incentivising increased private sector involvement. Example of two projects: Microfinance Initiative for Asia (MIFA) and IFCA contribution to the SME Finance Facility in Asia

Session 2: Discussion of complementarity in SWITCH-Asia and Blending activities and identity avenues of possible collaboration and coordination

Session 3: Showcase of a SWITCH-Asia project(s) with a strong case for access to finance.

Session 4: Green economy and green investments. The case of Bangladesh Ready-Made Garments as a blending project with an environmental/social component.  Discussing joint areas of collaboration between SWITCH-Asia and similar programmes and Blending with regard to support green finance and green investments.

Day 3 - Evening

Networking dinner and cultural performance