The SWITCH-Asia events section provides an overview of upcoming and past SWITCH-Asia events or external SCP Events. You can search for events in countries or from a specific organiser by using the filters below and select the time span.  

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Past events Location Category
08.10.2015 – 08.10.2015
SWITCH-Asia Webinar: “Sustainable consumption and production in the post-2015 development agenda“
Other countries SWITCH-Asia Network Facility
21.09.2015 – 21.09.2015
Introduction to Sustainable Consumption and Production in Asia – 2015 Edition
Other countries Policy Support Components, Regional Policy Support Component
15.09.2015 – 15.09.2015
The 5th Green-Go short film contest
Other countries External SCP Event
07.07.2015 – 08.07.2015 Indonesia
SWITCH-Asia regional conference and networking event: “Advancing energy efficiency in Asia through SCP and green finance”
Jakarta, Indonesia SWITCH-Asia Network Facility
01.07.2015 – 03.07.2015 Thailand
Regional Forum on Climate Change 2015
Bangkok, Thailand External SCP Event
30.06.2015 – 30.06.2015 India
Photo competition: "Clean and Green INDIA"
India External SCP Event
26.06.2015 – 26.06.2015 China
3GF Regional Meeting - Asia 2015
Guiyang, China External SCP Event
05.06.2015 – 05.06.2015
Catalyzing climate action for resilient development
Bonn, Other countries External SCP Event
04.06.2015 – 04.06.2015 Belgium
Financing the SWITCH to green SMEs across Asia, Africa and the Mediterranean
Brussels , Belgium SWITCH-Asia Network Facility
15.04.2015 – 15.04.2015 India
Workshop for SWITCH-Asia projects in New Delhi
New Delhi, India SWITCH-Asia Network Facility